Brian Zahm is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist who continually strives to create a timeless, unforgettable experience through his work.  Whether sculpting light or sound, through the conscious articulation of kinetic energies, he creates adventures in perception that bring the audience to entirely new realms, even if it is deemed “dangerous.”  To do this, he is always pushing, continually cross-pollinating concepts and techniques from any number of disciplines.

Riding the analog-to-digital wave for over twenty years, he works in narrative, documentary and experimental filmmaking, performs and produces electronic music (under the moniker “Dull Boy”), indulges in photography and graphic design, and dabbles in debauched pulp (under the moniker “Alien Stevens”).  His favorite form of creation is that of his students as they stumble and fall, stand up and brush themselves off, and begin to flourish as they find the creative fire in their hearts and ready themselves for careers in modern media.


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