as-logo2ALIEN STEVENS is back with his second short story collection, RED ROOM. After messing with the wrong man’s woman, the author flees The Brink Hotel and hides out by donating his body to science where he is housed in an all red room for 40 days and 40 nights where unseen clinicians observe his every move. The color red eats into his head, ultimately destroying all restraint, this madness channeled into all he creates. A couple of the stories contained within have been turned into films, including: THE LAST DANCE, the story of a man who finds love in the waiting room of a euthanasia clinic and SOUTHLAND, the story of a pimp who becomes a prostitute which became the film festival sensation titled WIGGAH. Currently, a few more of the stories are under consideration by a major production company to be part of a feature film. So come have some fun in the follow-up of the wildly popular, THE BRINK, the twisted author’s first book!