as-logo2“Unless you suckle from the Fortune 500 teat of some golden corporate calf, you’ve more than likely suffered through more shitty jobs than you care to admit to. It’s the “American Way”. That’s why the powers that be invented sitcoms. Night in and night out, they zap all your employment frustration with their mighty cathode ray of crap. Some of us, however, retreat into the rarely unexplored world of wonder known as “our own imaginations.” We conjure up stories and scenarios in our heads to kill the time until our shit-job shift ends. Welcome to the world of THE BRINK, Alien Stevens’ first novel. Or journal. Or both. It is, in all reality, a short story collection, mixing works of pure fiction with transcribed streams of consciousness – streams spilled into his tape recorder while working the night shift at The Brink Hotel. And for those of you who need comparisons: It’s a happier Henry Miller, mixed with Hunter S. Thompson (were he to have opted for sobriety in his youth), mixed with the anti-establishment anger of Black Flag-era Henry Rollins.” –Book Review from “Tastes Like Chicken”